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Attorney Azar Menhaji

Attorney Azar Menhaji

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Immigration Law

  • Deportation & Removal
  • Family Based Immigration
  • Employment Based Immigration
  • Political Asylum

Family Law

  • Divorce
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Division
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Custody & Support

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31 Reviews


Cici A
Cici A
3 months ago
I am eternally grateful for finding Azar. They don’t make lawyers like her anymore! She is persistent, creative, and thorough. She is so passionate and it shows through her work. She is a mastermind in court and just a veteran at what she does. She never gave up on my difficult case even after so many trials and tribulations. If you are looking for an incredibly intelligent and skillful lawyer, look no further. Azar is just the best! Thank you for saving my life. Beyond lucky to have found such a honest and hardworking lawyer.


Tako Kazarashvili
Tako Kazarashvili
2 years ago
Azar A. Menhaji is great to work with.She is an amazing lawyer.At any time I need her she is always available to help quickly and a high level of professionalism. Since 1 years ago I have needed her service and as always the service exceeds my expectations. She always explain everything in detail.She is very honest,attentive and nice person. I would recommend her to any who need a great friendly lawyer. Fast, efficient and gets results!


2 years ago
She’s very professional and most important very honest. I remember, I went before her to other lawyers and some of them told me what I wanted to hear but not the reality of my case, I’m very grateful I found her, sometimes we only look for reviews but even she hasn’t too much SHE IS THE BEST!!!


Family Law

Family Lawyer New Jersey
Family Lawyer New Jersey
Family Lawyer NJ
Family Lawyer Paterson New Jersey
Divorce Lawyer New Jersey


 - Assistance in Divorce Annulment

Spouse & Child Support

 - We ensure that you are financially secured 

Domestic Violence

 - Protection you against domestic violence

Child Custody

 - Fighting for your custodial rights

Division of Property

 - Fair division of property

Immigration Law

Immigration Lawyer New Jersey
Immigration Lawyer New Jersey
Immigration Lawyer NJ
Immigration Lawyer Paterson New Jersey
Immigration Lawyer New Jersey

Green Card & Citizenship

 - Represent and help you obtain Green card & Citizenship

Deportation & Removal

 - Fight against deportation and removal ruling

Family Based Immigration

 - Helping your family immigrate 

Political Asylum

- Helping you seek political asylum in United States of America

Work Permits

- Assisting you with work permit visas.

Attorney Azar Menhaji

The primary focus of the Abasi Menhaji & Associates, LLC is focused in the areas of Immigration, Matrimonial, Municipal Court and Personal Injury matters. 

The Firm is located in South Paterson, New Jersey, a predominantly ethnic community consisting of: Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Africans, and Eastern European nationals in need of legal representation within the wide range of Immigration, Matrimonial, Municipal, Personal Injury and other legal matters.

The Firm’s founder, Azar Abasi Menhaji, competent and honest attorney, understands the community’s need to an honest and competent representation with her clients as if she is representing her own family members. Attorney Menhaji is fluent in French, Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, and Afghani languages; using her own ethnic background, intellectual and academic achievements in order to accomplish the best results for all clients. 

The Firm is proud to introduce its relationship with Evan M. Foulke, Esquire, who has successfully prosecuted hundreds of personal injury cases recovering millions of dollars for injured clients for over 25 years.

Law Offices of Abasi Menhaji & Associates, LLC, handles a variety of legal issues pertaining to Immigration and Nationality Laws 

  • Legalization Litigation Matters
  • Family-Based Immigration Petitions
  • Consular Processing
  • Legal Permanent Residency within the U.S.
  • Citizenship & Naturalization Matters;
  • Defenses of De-Naturalization Matters
  • Violence Against Women Act
  • Deportation and Removal Defense
  • Immigration Court Hearings
  • Asylum and Withholding of Removal Cases
  • Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Immigration Administrative Appeals matters
  • Fiancée Visa Petitions
  • Employment-Based Immigration Petitions
  • Temporary Protected Status
  • Victims of Crimes/U Visas

The immigration Law Offices of Abasi Menhaji & Associates, LLC is no stranger to complicated Immigration Law matters based on the Firm’s experience and compassionate interest to advocate and resolve complex immigration issues. The Firm was founded on principles of honesty, hard work, compassion and reasonableness based on our unwavering belief to fight a good fight to achieve the best results. 

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